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...integrating community
      and loved ones...

 ...Integrating Community and Loved Ones...
   NICA Community Center
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...Supporting families with autism in Northern Illinois.

Now the fastest growing developmental disability, autism affects 1 out of 68 children and 1 in 42 boys.

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April 26th, 2015

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November 14th, 2015

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  Northern Illinois Center for Autism  

The Northern Illinois Center for Autism (NICA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  NICA has risen to the challenge of serving the autism population in our community. We provide recreation, resources, services, support and education to hundreds of families who live with and /or care for a loved one on the autism spectrum.  Without the generosity of those in our community, this would not be possible.

        Who do we serve?                                 

Located in McHenry County, NICA serves hundreds of families in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin including:  Kane, Lake, Dupage, Winnebago,and Cook counties.
  People with autism spectrum and related disorders of all ages and functioning levels of ability are able to receive assistance from NICA including but not limited to the following diagnosis:  PDD/NOS, PDD/Autism, Autism, HFA, Aspergers, and other related disorders.

Our members require a variety of services and support, based on their developmental level.  The one constant they share is that they all need HELP to reach their fullest potential!  

NICA currently provides the following support services: 

We offer guidance to families via mentoring, tutoring and autism technique training to help them understand "What is Autism" and "What to do"?  We offer medical support via dietary counseling and biomedical intervention information.  We offer vocational and life skills coaching to our teens and adults with autism spectrum disorders.  We offer a variety of support group and social group opportunities to our families living with ASD.  We offer integrative community based programs and speaker presentations.  We have developed a non profit collaboration to connect families with appropriate services to meet their goals, including therapy services (Speech, Occupational, Physical, Aqua) and Mental Health Counseling

Contracted Service Providers available through NICA upon request.

Featured specialist:  Frank Kahanec
  Tutoring services available

Retired Secondary Math Teacher of 33 years:
Highland Park High School
Forest View High School
Sedom paraprofessional working with a wide range of learners.
I've spent the last 4 years developing math techniques  for special learners.
Dad to Rachel.... on the spectrum ... and willing to try just about any Pic Math  I throw at her. With good success!

Pic Math

How your special learner can use simple pictures to add, subtract, multiply and divide very quickly.
The pictures don't look like very much but the results are amazing!  How about showing your child several successful ways to master basic math computation.  I hope you walk away from this presentation believing that your child can learn basic math and that you might be able to teach them!  I am hopeful that the ideas will be useful for visually handicapped individuals as well.

Local Resources:

*McHenry County Mental Health Board, Family Care ProjectAutism Services Coordination:  How to access Autism Spectrum Disorder services in McHenry County/Wrap around service availability. 

*Alexander Leigh Center for Autism:


*Options and Advocacy:

*Pioneer Center for Human Services:



To gain assistance or lend your support, please contact us at:

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